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Arweave is a new big data storage blockchain protocol based on a novel proof-of-access consensus mechanism.
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Meet the blockweave

The blockweave is an evolved blockchain that offers permanent data storage and can grow to colossal sizes by efficiently self-organising its data across many machines.

Unlike its predecessors, Arweave allows this sharding to occur flexibly and dynamically to adapt to shifting requirements of the network, without losing its guarantees of redundancy and verifiability.

Additionally, Arweave’s novel Proof of Access algorithm replaces the high energy usage of typical blockchains with useful storage of data.

A graphic showing the connectivity of a blockweave data structure, a highly connected derivative of a blockchain.

Proof of Access

Arweave achieves its feats of vast scalability by requiring miners to only hold the previous block in the system and a set of randomly chosen old blocks. Each time a block is mined, a new ‘recall’ block is chosen. Only those that hold the recall block can successfully mine the next block.

Miners are rewarded in proportion to the amount of the blockweave that they store. Miners are encouraged to store the parts of the blockweave that other miners do not, as this proportionally increases their chance at receiving a block reward. Additionally, the Proof of Access system replaces much of the high energy expenditure associated with traditional cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) with information storage.

Overall, Proof of Access creates a new kind of blockchain that is spectacularly scalable and energy efficient.

Our Long Term Mission

Humanity has always attempted to store important information for long periods of time. For lone individuals this is an extraordinarily difficult and costly affair.

By taking advantage of the globally cooperative nature of blockweave mining, the Arweave creates large economies of scale on the cost and complexity of permanent data storage. By providing a cheap and permanent data storage mechanism and an easy interface for developers to interact with, the Arweave will attract vast quantities of valuable and important information.

Over time, this verified store of information will grow in value as copies elsewhere are lost. We anticipate that as the utility of this information store grows, use of the Arweave will snowball.

To learn more about this technology and our mission take a look at our whitepaper.

Read the whitepaper

Arweave's Functionality

Enabling a new Internet

Arweave provides a new serverless internet infrastructure, one based on decentralisation and the permanent availability of pages.

Because of the blockweave data structure, each page on the Arweave is cryptographically linked to every other page, making its modification or loss impossible.

Massively Scalable

Due to the innovative new technologies upon which the network is based, Arweave is the first cryptocurrency that can reach internet scale.

By allowing Arweave to be spread across many computers, a network is created that is as secure and verifiable as all of its predecessors, but can flexibly scale to provide the amount of storage the network requires.

A platform for permanent apps

Arweave has been built from the ground up as a platform for a new class of permanence based, decentralised applications.

The Arweave makes permanent data storage available to any developer, in any programming language, through a simple HTTP interface. Arweave storage can be seamlessly integrated into apps, both old and new.

What it can do

Decentralised applications made using the Arweave's simple API can solve problems that were previously untenable.

Arweave achieves profound data reliability by building economies of scale in the organisation of data storage. It is extraordinarily difficult for an individual or organisation to build a permanent data storage system, but on a planetary scale, using financial incentives, the task becomes achievable and affordable.

Below are just a handful of the kind of apps that can be built using the Arweave's developer toolkit. If you are interested in building an Arweave app, check out our Github, blog, and our dedicated community Discord server.

A permanent internet archive

As well as providing an entirely new internet infrastructure, the Arweave supports archiving pages found on the traditional internet. This allows users to secure valuable pages on a decentralised network beyond the control of any one organisation or group. This is made possible through a web browser extension that allows users to mirror pages found on the traditional internet in their current form on the Arweave for just a few pence and a single click.

Once stored on the Arweave, these pages, in the exact form in which they were archived, can be retrieved at any time by its users. Ultimately, by providing a method of permanent and verifiable information storage Arweave strives to ensure internet freedom from undue censorship far into the future.

Cloud storage for a one-time fee

Backup your personal file in a permanent and decentralised storage cloud, and pay only for what you use.

As Arweave's Proof of Access algorithm expends proportionally less electricity as the blockweave grows, it supports a pay once, recall forever storage policy.

Permanent and verifiable science

The Arweave project is working with academic partners to provide permanent and verified storage of scientific data and results.

By providing a permanent and public scientific publishing platform Arweave will fuel a virtuous cycle of Academic transparency and legitimacy, as well as preserving an apocalypse-proof library of science.

Legal document storage

Arweave allows verifiable private contract storage, allowing anybody to prove the contents of a legal document at any time. This will disrupt legal archiving, empowering lawyers to cut paper waste and join the decentralised age.

Not only will the Arweave revolutionise legal document storage in the future, but companies are already using the Arweave for financial compliance and verification purposes.

Ensuring personal legacy

By providing true information permanence for the first time, the Arweave allows everyone to ensure their digital legacy. The indefinite preservation of digitised memorabilia will allow anyone to communicate their life's journey to grandchildren and generations to come.

Publish freely, publish permanently

Arweave allows permanent publishing of news articles, blogposts, and social media, on a network hosted by the writer’s peers.

Publishing on the Arweave is serverless and administration free, while maintaining the visual form and style the authors prefer. The Arweave ensures freedom of expression for decades to come for writers across the globe.

Verifiable Democracy

Arweave allows for open, verifiable and free elections, ensured by the power of cryptography.

By enabling pseudonymous votes, Arweave elections remain anonymous but allow all citizens to verify the legitimacy of a democratic vote. Furthermore, every vote in an Arweave election is cryptographically entangled with every other vote in every other election, ensuring that no single party can subvert their results.

If you would like to build an application on the arweave, take a look at our HTTP API documentation and implementation guide.

Check out the API

Our partners

We are working with Techstars (early backers of Uber, DigitalOcean, and others) to accelerate the development of the Arweave project, utilising its extensive knowledge and varied network of highly esteemed founders.
Learn More...

Arweave will be collaborating with biomedical scientists from Charité, one of the largest university hospitals in Europe, to create a brand-new open access scientific journal.
Read the whitepaper...

Shelf.network, on a path to revolutionise online marketplaces, will use the Arweave to store listing information for their decentralised auction house.
Learn More...

Upvest, a revolutionary investing platform, is using the Arweave to permanently archive token sale web pages, keeping ICOs honest, and allowing potential investors to perform accurate due diligence.

Arweave is collaborating with Northblock, an expert blockchain and cryptocurrency advisory practice, to bring Arweave to the forefront of the crypto and blockchain communities.

A little about us

The team

Headshot of Sam Williams, Arweave CEO.

Sam Williams

Sam is a PhD candidate with extensive experience in decentralised system design and implementation, having delivered a variety of projects including a distributed operating system.

Headshot of William Jones, Arweave CTO.

William Jones

William is a PhD candidate in the intersection of computer science, graph theory, and neuroscience. William spent a significant time studying distributed systems in the form of deep neural networks.

Headshot of India Raybould, Arweave COO.

India Raybould

Having published research in prestigious scientific journals, India's keen organisational mind rounds the team's skillset. India's role as coordinator of the company helps the team deliver an exceptional service and product.

Headshot of Damon Sweeney, Arweave developer.

Damon Sweeney

Headshot of Kyle Beckles, Arweave senior developer.

Kyle Beckles
Senior Developer

Headshot of Matt Lockyer, Arweave Developer Evangelist.

Matt Lockyer
Developer Evangelist

Headshot of Joanna Zhang, Arweave developer.

Joanna Zhang
Web Developer

Headshot of Adam Kennedy, Arweave digital artist.

Adam Kennedy
Digital Artist


Headshot of Jeremy Epstein, advisor to the Arweave project.

Jeremy Epstein

Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, has 20 years of international marketing experience in helping to bring innovative technologies into the mainstream. Passionate about crypto, blockchain, and decentralised technology, Jeremy is a former adviser to IOTA and other successful cryptocurrency projects, and blogs voraciously about related topics.

Headshot of Bruno Meireles De Sousa, advisor to the Arweave project.

Bruno Meireles de Sousa

High performing executive, with 20 years’ experience as a global business leader who has succeeded in delivering significant results and business change in B2B, B2C & B2G across multiple cultures and multiple sectors.

Headshot of Jesper Noehr, advisor to the Arweave project.

Jesper Noehr

Jesper is founder and former CEO of Bitbucket, previously employed with Opera, Atlassian, and multiple hedge funds. Jesper has specialist expertise and interest in distributed systems, cryptocurrencies, quantitative trading and economics, among many others.

Headshot of Julian Lenz, advisor to the Arweave project.

Julian Lenz

Julian is a serial entrepreneur (marketing & tech companies), angel investor, Techstars mentor, and a crypto investor since 2013.

Techstars Mentors

Techstars is an esteemed mentorship-driven accelerator programme with a wide-reaching global network of expert tech founders, helping their companies collectively raise over $3.3b USD. Through our collaboration with Techstars, we have forged strong relationships with key specialist mentors, and we are now all working together to rapidly accelerate Arweave’s future development.

Headshot of Rob Johnson, Techstars mentor helping advise the Arweave project.

Rob Johnson

Rob co-founded Makers Academy and grew it into Europe's largest coding bootcamp. Rob is now working as the Managing Director of Techstars Berlin.

Headshot of Fabian Dudek, Techstars mentor helping advise the Arweave project.

Fabian Dudek

Fabian is an entrepreneur and investor working on creating net positive companies. He is the former CEO and founder of nestpick - a platform allowing users to rent and let their homes entirely online. Fabian founded his first company when he was 14 and since then has launched 4 ventures.

Headshot of Christian Eggert, Techstars mentor helping advise the Arweave project.

Christian Eggert

German tech entrepreneur and product advisor. 10+ startup and product launches, gaining a vast experience building and growing VC-backed startups.

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