Introducing the permaweb

Welcome to Arweave: The web you can own and run. Arweave enables you to permanently host your web apps and pages, simply and quickly.

Arweave makes data permanent for the first time.

The traditional web and its data storage systems are fragile and liable to data loss. Now, Arweave’s permaweb enables you to build websites that live forever on a smart blockchain, all while keeping costs low and speeds high.

The traditional web is broken - let’s fix it together.

The web is full of broken links, ever-changing information, and monolithic data warehouses. By centralising ownership and control of the web in the hands of just a few, we have lost control of it entirely. Arweave gives the web back to you.

Own a piece of the new web.

Put your unused storage space to work. Earn Arweave tokens by serving the permaweb.

The serverless web has arrived.

Developers, teams, and businesses of all sizes use the Arweave to deploy, automatically manage, and auto-scale their apps without any headaches. Say goodbye to ongoing fees and maintenance.

The permaweb supports all of your favourite web processes, languages, and frameworks. Join and turn the centralised world on its head now.

Serverless hosting: plain and simple
Quick and easy deployment
No management
Zero upkeep costs
Auto Scaling