The Arweave community is decentralised, and growing.

Here are a few places where you can connect with other Arweavers:

  • The Arweave Developer Discord: Maintained and moderated by the founding Arweave team, this platform is a great place to get fast, real-time advice about permaweb app development and integration, and to discuss ideas and grant proposals.

  • The Arweave Miners Discord: an official server dedicated to discussions of Arweave mining-related topics, including helping new miners get started, optimising mining setups, and discussing mining rewards and economics.

  • The Arweave subreddit: A hub of shared links about Arweave and the permaweb. Operated and moderated by the Arweave founding company.

You can also reach the founding team at any time by weavemailing us.

Core Team channels

  • Arweave Dev: Join the official Arweave Dev Talk server to discuss all things, development, and building-related. Explore permaweb app ideas, receive technical support, or connect with fellow community members - this official technically-oriented Discord server is also a great place to chat with the team and the wider Arweave community. Discord

  • Arweave Miners: Join the official Arweave Miners Discord server to discuss all things related to mining with Arweave. You can chat here about getting started mining with Arweave, how to optimise your setup, discover more about mining rewards and economics, and much more! This official technically-oriented Discord server is also a great place to chat with the team and the wider Arweave community. Discord

  • Arweave Twitter: Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest ecosystem and network news. Twitter

  • Arweave Chat: The official Arweave Chat Server is a place for the Arweave community to discuss, debate, and chat about a wide range of topics. Discord

Community managed channels

  • Arweavers: Arweavers is an unofficial, community-created and community-managed Arweave Telegram group Telegram

  • ArDrive: ArDrive is a private, secure, decentralized, pay-as-you-go, censorship-resistant and permanent data storage solution for everyone. Website | Discord | Twitter

  • ArGo: With ArGo you can deploy your permaweb app or site in just one click. ArGo also maintains app versions and tracking logs in one place, immutably, ensuring they are never lost. Website | Discord | Twitter

  • Community.XYZ: Create and manage your permaweb community with CommunityXYZ, the profit-sharing community platform. Community.XYZ is a fully decentralized website and SmartWeave contract built on top of Arweave, which allows you to create, vote, govern, own, and interact with your community, whilst receiving profit-sharing token incentives. Website | Twitter

  • Gitopia: Gitopia offers decentralised, permanent storage of your code repositories. Offering an immutable GitHub-style platform, with Gitopia you never have to worry about losing access to repos. Website | Discord | Twitter

  • Non-Zone: Non-Zone is the global storytelling map for experiential and solo-travelers. Non-Zone’s solution uses storytelling, geo-fencing and the blockweave to create a profit-sharing marketplace of stories, a sort of global map of “special places”. Website | TelegramTelegram

  • OpenBits: OpenBits utilises Arweave’s profit-sharing token technology to enable developers of open source packages to earn from their publications. Website | Discord | Twitter

  • Reave: Reave is a decentralised story and article publishing platform powered by the permaweb. Offering a sleek user experience for authors and readers alike, readers can also tip their favourite authors to support their work. Website | Discord

  • SyllabusWeave: SyllabusWeave is reinventing the syllabus, offering a learning platform that allows you to quickly become an expert in a range of new topics, with curated learning from open web resources. Discord | Twitter

  • Verto: Verto is a decentralized profit-sharing token exchange for Arweave. Anyone can host their own trading post and power the exchange, while also being incentivized to do so. Website | Discord | Twitter

  • Limestone: Limestone is a data ecosystem for decentralised finance, offering a solution for financial data storage and processing with efficient querying, and permanent availability. Website

  • Sarcophagus: Sarcophagus is a dead man’s switch and smart contracting network hosted on Arweave, allowing users to create a general purpose, self-sovereign, digital dead man’s switch. Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter

  • FotoBook: Fotobook is a permanent photo sharing platform, governed by community members. Discord

  • Outpost: Outpost provides a platform for publishing user-owned and -governed online newsletters, plus also creating additional tools for user-owned communities. Website | Discord | Twitter

  • Evermore: The Evermore app allows you to store your data in the blockchain… Forever! Evermore is designed to be a drop in replacement for apps like Dropbox and OneDrive, while allowing users to avoid monthly subscription costs and pay just once to store their data fovever. Website | Twitter

  • Nest.Land: Nest.Land is an immutable module registry for Deno on the blockweave, now with over 100 packages! Combining Deno with Arweave, Nest.Land users can publish their Deno modules to the permaweb, where they can never be deleted. Website | Twitter

  • ArVerify: ArVerify aims to provide sleek, simplified and universal log in abilities across the profit sharing communities ecosystem on Arweave. Forget dragging and dropping your wallet keyfiles into new dapps, with ArVerify logging in is familiar and easy. Discord

  • Weavery: Weavery offers developer tooling for the Arweave ecosystem and beyond, including Sworn and Gitstamp. Sworn compiles Clarity smart contracts into Arweave's SmartWeave contracts, and Gitstamp utilises Arweave's permanent storage to immutably timestamp your git commits. Website | Discord

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