The Arweave community is decentralised, and growing.

Here are a few places where you can connect with other Arweavers:

  • The Arweave Developer Discord: Maintained and moderated by the founding Arweave team, this platform is a great place to get fast, real-time advice about permaweb app development and integration, Arweave mining, and to discuss ideas and grant proposals.
  • Decent-a-Forums: An asynchronous forum for discussing everything Arweave and permaweb related. The forum is ownerless and runs on the permaweb itself, governed by a decentralised system of content moderation.
  • The Arweave subreddit: A hub of shared links about Arweave and the permaweb. Operated and moderated by the Arweave founding company.

You can also reach the founding team at any time by weavemailing us.

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