The backbone of the permaweb.

Arweave connects those with disk space to spare, with others that need dependable data storage. This system offers unparalleled levels of data replication and security for users, as well as financial incentives for participants in the network, all while cutting out the middleman.

The new web. Truly permanent.

Developed by leading scientists and engineers in distributed systems, the blockweave offers true data permanence by utilising an entirely new consensus algorithm, proof of access. The blockweave is able to store data permanently, on-chain, like no other system.

Cooperation through incentives.

By rewarding the crowd for hosting web pages, Arweave encourages participants to compete to create as many copies of your website as they can. This new algorithm provides immense safety in numbers for your data, while drastically decreasing the energy wastage associated with typical blockchain systems.

Truly open source, democratically governed.

Arweave is a totally open source platform built from the ground up to empower our community of developers, miners, and archivists to forge the next web.

Decentralised content policies give miners to the tools to secure the network, moderate content, and promote a healthy ecosystem for the common good.

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